Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

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CDS in Texas has been offering support to people who choose consumer direction for over 17 years. We have grown from a tiny agency to one of the largest in Texas. What hasn't changed is our commitment to individual service and support.

CDS in Texas provides a foundation of support that enables individuals with disabilities to self-direct their care. The cornerstone of our success is our team's compassionate and dedicated relationship with the families we serve.

If you are just learning about consumer direction, we invite you to explore our website. We support all Medicaid programs anywhere in the State of Texas as well as Veteran-Directed Programs out of Belton and San Antonio.

Employee’s W-2s will be mailed and available online no later than 1/31/19. Employees may view their 2018 W-2 online by logging in to the payroll Self Service portal. If the Employee has not accessed the current 2018 payroll portal please contact for credentials.


We are experiencing some difficulties with the documents emailed to us in the form of pictures. Many of the pictures are not printer or scanner friendly, especially those that are embedded in the body of the email and require reformatting to print. Many are too light, too dark, too small, too crooked, blurry, too difficult to decipher. This causes slows down processing, as office staff attempts to decipher these copies.

Thankfully, the advancement of document scanning applications allows for the perfect solution. We have discovered two very user friendly and helpful applications that are compatible with both the IOS and Android systems. TurboScan and CamScanner are readily available in your app store; both applications have a free option as well as one that can be purchased. The free options have more limitations to them but are still extremely useful and successful in assisting you with submitting clear images of your paperwork or timesheets via email.

TurboScan free allows you to send up to 3 pages in one pdf file at a time, which is great for individuals who are submitting a few timesheets or just a small number of documents. CamScanner free allows you to send an unlimited amount of pages in one pdf file which in turn works best for individuals who are submitting several pages of information to us. For example, with CamScanner free, employee packets that are 40 plus pages worth of information can be emailed to the New Hire department in just one pdf file.

TurboScan unlimited can be purchased for $4.99 and allows you to send an unlimited amount of pages in one pdf file. CamScanner unlocked can also be purchased for $4.99 and is ad free. Whichever option is chosen, the applications are a great help to all who utilize it.

For instructions on how to use the applications look on the left hand side of this web page (you may need to scroll down), and choose “Scanning for Android phones” or "Scanning for iPhones."

This software may also be available for other cell phone models; we limited our research to the two most popular.