Introduction to Paperworkr

You are applying for employment with an individual who is using consumer direction. This means that if you are hired, this individual or their legally authorized representative will be your employer of record. LifeSpan / CDS in Texas acts as the financial management services agency for your prospective employer. We provide assistance with HR and payroll.

Some of the information requested you can answer by yourself; you may need to ask your employer for answers to some of the questions. You do not have to answer all of the questions at one time. You can save and return later. When you have answered all the questions, you will be prompted to create a PDF file, which you will then need to print. Once the forms are printed, you and your prospective employer will need review each form, answer any questions that need to be filled in and then sign and date each form.

Important: Be sure to write down the Paperworkr ID number that will be given to you. You cannot retrieve any of the forms you fill out without this number.

Once you and your prospective employer have filled out the forms, your prospective employer will send them to us for review. You cannot receive a formal job offer until these two things happen:

  • We complete all of the background checks and advise your prospective employer that you are eligible for hire.
  • The individual you will be assisting is authorized to start services.

Questions regarding employment should be directed to your employer.