In October, we sent out an announcement that we were changing payroll systems and the pay schedule, moving from semi-monthly to bi-weekly. In December, we sent out a second notice. There were a lot of things we liked about the new system, including the fact that we could continue writing replacement checks for lost checks even while we were processing a new pay period. If you have ever had an employee lose a check, you understand how frustrating that was.

We double and triple checked everything we thought could go wrong – and none of those things happened. Several other things, however, did. Including:

Data we exported out of the old system was incorrect. The old system arbitrarily pulled old data – wrong address, wrong banking info, wrong tax withholding info.

Importing hours. We have been using the new system with new clients since August, and it has worked perfectly. However, with about 12,000 timesheets imported, we had a number of mapping issues, which resulted in timesheets not being imported.

The CDS staff has worked long hours and 7 day weeks since January 1. We think that these issues have all been addressed.

The result of these problems, however, was a HUGE increase in phone calls and in emails. And, because this was about pay, and everyone needs their paycheck, if the first phone or email was not answered quickly, many calls were made to other staff trying to reach someone. The result: our system was overloaded, and calls and emails were not answered in a timely manner.

Some of you have been with us since 2001. You know this is not how we do business. This is our public apology for the many errors since January 1 and our pledge that we will improve.

For those of you who were incredibly patient, thank you. For those of you who were not, your impatience and your anger is completely understandable.

To all of you who had a payroll issue this month, please accept our apologies for these errors and our promise that things will improve.


If you have a payroll issue, please email This mailbox will be monitored throughout the day, and every attempt will be made to resolve payroll issues quickly. Please include the name of the person receiving services, the name of the employer, and the name of the employee with a brief description of the problem.